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What I will do for you:

Compile all the necessary information to settle your claim including but not limited to the following:

1.       Accident Report;

2.       Photos of your property damage and the other driverís property damage;

3.       Repair estimates of your property damage;

4.       All of your medical bills, records and reports;

5.       Obtain your insurance declaration sheet of your automobile insurance policy; and

6.       Your wage loss documentation.

With this information I will:

1.       Prepare and make demand upon the Defendantís insurance company for an amount that you and I mutually agree upon;

2.       Arrive at a settlement amount with your permission, or take other action such as arrange a mediation hearing, an arbitration hearing, or file suit.

3.       Once a settlement or judgment is achieved, I will go back and negotiate most, if not all, of your medical expenses and/or liens to an amount that you and I agree is appropriate; and

4.       Obtain the insurance funds and distribute them to the appropriate payees for which you will receive a full accounting;

Of all the above-listed services I will provide the most important service is item number 5, obtain your insurance declaration sheet.  The only factor that you can control prior to any accident that will drastically affect the amount of compensation you receive is the substance of your insurance coverage.  See the first page of this website for the most crucial advice any personal injury lawyer could give you.